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Would you pass a driving theory test first time?
For some of us - over a (ahem) certain age - a driving test was all about what we could do on the road followed by a pop quiz taken from a battered copy of the Highway Code. Today however ... to answer 86 per cent of the questions correctly to pass the.

Harder theory test leads to falling pass rate
The DVSA, which sets the test, said they kept it "under constant review". The theory test was introduced in 1996, and replaced questions about the Highway Code during the practical test. In the first half of 2008, seven out of 10 tests were passed.

World of tomorrow: The future of cycling infrastructure
so you would be in breach of the Highway Code if you didn’t,’ says Porter. ‘It was only vigorous work by the CTC, as Cycling UK was then known, who persuaded the Minister of Transport to tone it down to what it currently says – that it depends on y.

Britain's worst driver fails record 107 test attempts
The hapless unnamed 28-year old, from London, has so far spent £3,317 trying to pass the theory test, at a cost of £31 each. The test includes a 57-minute multiple choice exam which 43 out of 50 questions ... and know the Highway Code.

Quiz! See if you can pass your driving theory test first time
But for those people driving since 1996, a test has existed alongside the practical for learners to prove they know the rules of the road. Today, you need to answer 86 per cent of questions correctly to pass the multiple-choice part of the theory test.

Could you pass your theory test if you took it today? Take our quiz of the 10 questions most commonly answered incorrectly to find out
If you retook your driving test today, do you think you would pass? A new study suggests you probably wouldn't. Insurer Aviva asked a panel of 1,000 licence holders to re-sit their theory test using today's questions, and just 13 per cent of them answered.

Do not go past go: New drivers must play BOARD GAME in order to get licence
Players must also answer questions on road laws. “It will help a lot,” said Morie Lenghor, Assistant Inspector General of the police and the game’s creator. “Most crashes here are a result of ignorance of the highway code. And most drivers don’t.

Hundreds of learner drivers try to scam their way to a full driving licence
There were also 414 cases where officials were suspicious of foul play in the driving theory test, where candidates must answer a string of questions on a computer about the Highway Code and on-road scenarios. These incidents resulted in officers arresting.

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