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The Weird Brilliance of Joaquin Phoenix
One hand clutches an iPhone-5, earbud wires are wrapped around his neck ... sitting here in this office with me, trying to form answers to questions that don’t really mean anything to him. (‘‘Everyone lies on talk shows,’’ he told Ellen DeGeneres.

Here’s why the USB port built into your car charges so agonizingly slow
I complain about that stupid USB port every time I get in the car That’s how ... While that’s enough to power your USB drive full of MP3s, it’s barely enough to trickle charge an iPhone and maintain the current battery level—if you’re using.

The “Eye Test”: An Epic Bruin Comeback Hides Serious Flaws
Hello everyone, and welcome back to The “Eye Test”: 2017 Edition! It feels good to be back ... That’s insane, and Texas A&M had no answer for it. Josh literally collapsed a few different times from sheer exhaustion after the last touchdown pass.

13 Questions About the Horror Movie 'Honeymoon'
Bea sees a stupid ... POP QUIZ: You catch your new wife in the bathroom floor jamming a sharp object into her vagina. Do you: A - Intervene; B - Yell and Look for Car Keys; C - LOSE YOUR EFFING MIND AND FINALLY GET THAT BITCH SOME HELP? The answer in.

9 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now
the time spent to answer the 39 questions. Good app overall.” IQ Test like a Job Interview Available for iPad and iPhone. 2 different tests! And… IQ average ;) +39 Questions to get your IQ! iq test. +33 Questions to get your IQ! European iq test.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: The Impossible Comeback
Truth be told, and obvious issues aside, many forecasted the Note 7 to be the phone that finally put the wood to the iPhone because it was just that ... the phone will come in black and gray models. Our test phone was black, and visually, we were super.

I’m glad the Red Sox turned heel
I am over the goddamn moon at how stupid this is, and how much the teams hate each other ... is the record. He’s not convinced: Answer the question! Do you believe that we have reason to believe the guy who who hit 73 bombs in under 500 plate appearances.

The Coach of the Future
This was a stupid thing to do—this was a scrimmage ... and then he knew how to find the answers to any problem. Sometimes he rewrote formulas to his liking. He aced every test. This went on through college algebra his senior year. Conner says.

Dodocool DA55 Review: Lightning Earphones for iPhone
The removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 was one of the most controversial ... with a cheaper alternative. Overall, to answer the one question that I’ve been asked several times during my test, I’ll say just that: for $50, this is one good.

Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer
As you might expect, though, Stedman is going to give us his stupid answer to his stupid question ... their homes and livelihood sorta like how he tortured Job: it’s a test to help them see what is right and what is wrong. It really makes it crystal.

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