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What McDonald's New 'Transparency' Campaign Is Hiding - TIME
But because the company's supply chain is so long, and it sources raw ingredients from such a wide array of locations and facilities, it would be impossible for any one tour, vignette, or infographic to show more than a sliver of what goes on at the.

Early warning system exposes the rise of the gonorrhoea 'super-superbug' - Bellingen Courier Sun
The early warning system for the potentially dangerous spread of the critically antimicrobial resistant bugs (CARs) found a strain of a gonorrhoeae-causing bacterium - Neisseria gonorrhoeae - was the most frequently reported and most stubborn superbug&nbsp.

Quiz: What's the Diagnosis? - Discover Magazine (blog)
Subscribers can read all the archives here.) Now we want to give you a chance in the doctor's chair. Take a crack at the following quiz questions and test your medical mettle. We'll give you a set of symptoms, and it's up to you to put on your.

Letters to the Editor - The Advocate
They are then having acans, x-rays, blood tests , the list goes on. Not to mention continually calling the over worked ambulance service for simple issues. I think it is time that this was looked at because surely there must be a rule of over servicing.

'Anchoring' Can Bias Clinical Judgment - Medscape
Whether you look at the patient's history (the hospitalist's focus on antibiotic failure) or at the symptoms (my own subspecialist focus on the painful eschar, suggesting a vasculitis that cut off blood supply), the diagnostic guess becomes an.

The Impossible Quiz 2!
Can you answer my ... drinks in this quiz, intelligence, gaben, zombies, you, the impossible man, export sound, the impossible quiz (the actual one), more sanic, my logo, green and red buttons, james0u0, doge, air horns, proof, agent shabam, Tarlach.

Nurofen settles $3.5m class action - Yass Tribune
Australians who bought a packet of Nurofen between 2011 and 2015 could be compensated after the company that makes the popular painkillers agreed to settle a consumer class action. Bannister Law on Wednesday said that it had reached a $3.5 million&nbsp.

UOW on the new superbug battle front - Illawarra Mercury
Researchers were developing antibacterial agents to target a critical protein in DNA replication and repair - the DNA clamp - when they made the "chance discovery", said the paper's lead author, Associate Professor Aaron Oakley. "While testing specific.

Improper use causing antibiotic resistance - Health24.com
Without antibiotics to tackle opportunistic bacteria that pose a particular risk for people who are very ill, major surgery, organ transplants or cancer and leukaemia treatment may become impossible , he explained. "In some ... Resistance to drugs.

When warning the world of humanity's greatest threat, it helps to have a sense of humor - Quartz
Actually, they're not animals—they're giant, plush microbes, and the first thing Price does when I arrive at his Antibiotic Resistance Action Center at the George Washington University in Washington DC is show them to me. “This one ... For context, in.

Total recall: the people who never forget - The Guardian
When she was five years and three months old, her family – her father, a talent agent with William Morris who counted Ray Charles among his clients; her mother, a former variety show dancer, and her baby brother – moved to South Orange, New Jersey.

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