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Fall Out Boy, guarda la inquietante clip di "Young and menace" - VIDEO -
I Fall Out Boy hanno pubblicato il video di "Young and menace", il primo singolo del settimo album di studio “Mania” che raggiungerà il mercato il prossimo 15 settembre. Nel video si vede una ragazza circondata da mostri. Pete Wentz, che ha scritto la&nbsp.

Amazon Erases Orwell Books From Kindle
In George Orwell’s “1984,” government censors erase all traces of news articles embarrassing to Big Brother by sending them down an incineration chute called the “memory hole.” On Friday, it was “1984” and another Orwell book, “Animal Farm.

Some women get new benefits under Obamacare
Beginning Wednesday, all new health insurance plans will be required to provide eight preventive health benefits to women for free. The benefits include contraceptives, breast-feeding supplies and screenings for gestational diabetes, sexually transmitted.

Church Fears “Wound” to Papacy
The corridors of ecclesiastical power treat it as a potential virus that could undermine the system. “If the idea of physical efficiency as a criterion for staying on or stepping down takes hold ... were only part. A question mark hangs over the future.

Time crystals could behave almost like perpetual motion machines
In a new study, a pair of physicists has shown that it’s theoretically possible for a system in its lowest energy state ... and become "perilously close" to looking like perpetual motion machines. The physicists, Frank Wilczek of MIT (a 2004 Nobel.

Yes, we DO blush in the dark: Heat-sensitive camera reveals the definitive answer to question that has flummoxed scientists for centuries
Writing in 1790, German scholar Georg Christoph Lichtenberg noted: ‘The question whether young women blush in the dark is a very difficult one ... The pair explained in the study ‘Blushing in the dark: First experimental proof’: ‘Our subject.

Snoop Dogg ce l'ha a morte con Trump in "Lavender" - VIDEO -
Che il neopresidente degli Stati Uniti Trump sia oggetto di critiche aperte e spesso durissime da parte di molti artisti del music biz è cosa nota. Il "pop impegnato" di Katy Perry? Davvero poco credibile (e "impegnato" è un parolone). A volte, le.

Liam Gallagher a Chris Martin: "Scusami, sono stato uno stronzo" -
L'incontro è avvenuto nel backstage di One Love Manchester; in maniera molto cool Chris Martin ha risposto "Nah, we fucking loved it" (non c'è bisogno di traduzione ). E dire che in passato l'aveva definito "beyond shit" (peggio di una merda...) o.

Full text of Christie's presidential announcement speech
They had each other, they were building a family, they worked together, and then with the help of both of those strong women the, they gave them five thousand dollars each, probably all the money they had in the world, to put a down payment on a house in.

Daniel Radcliffe canta The Real Slim Shady di Eminem [video] - (Blog)
insieme alla sua fidanzata Erin Darke, ha mostrato di essere perfettamente all'altezza di imitare l'abilità del rapper nell'interpretare la celebre hit The Real Slim Shady. Nessun tentennamento, nessun problema a cantare, parola per parola, il.

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Selena Gomez Gets Smart, Sassy Advice From Kendall Jenner: 'Don't Cry Over Boys' - The Inquisitr
“Don't cry over boys,” is the shortened version of Kendall Jenner's Instagram statement on Thursday. She added, “Do some squats and make them cry, wishin they still had dat ass.” It seems logical to speculate the model is referring to Selena Gomez.

Total Depravity - Rolling Stone Italia
A tre anni di distanza da Time Stays, We go, The Veils tornano con il loro album più cupo di sempre, anche questa scala cromatica di cupezza ascensionale va di pari passo con un certo manierismo, una diabolica ricerca di perfezione sulfurea (perfetta.

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