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Deconstructing the Design Thinker
5. Design thinkers prefer prototypes to theories ... the distance between a design thinker’s idea and a testable prototype is remarkably short. KG: “Our military friends wanted something like Fix-a-Flat for wounds -- a can of foam that you could.

Robot NICO learning self awareness using mirrors—Self awareness is one of the hallmarks of intelligence. We as human beings clearly understand that we are both our bodies and our minds and that others perceive us in ways differently than we perceive ourselves. Perhaps nowhere is this more.

Why Deserving MVPs Don't Win
When Mike Trout—okay, fine, if Mike Trout—gets robbed of the American League MVP award tonight for the second straight year, the explanation won’t be so easy. Last year, the excuse for excusing one of the best seasons of all time, not just by a 20.

Alfa Romeo 4C to Cost $54K in U.S. When It Arrives In Q2 2014
According to Road & Track’s twitter feed, the Alfa Romeo 4c, which the magazine is test driving, will arrive in the United States sometime in the second quarter of 2014 and will have a base price of $54,000. So far R&T reports that on the street the 4C.

Schumer Shocked Over Push-Back on Ex-Pat Bill, Etan Patz Suspect Arrested, UK Goes on Spending Binge: P.M. Links
Senator Charles Schumer is appalled — appalled, he says — that anybody would compare his proposed legislative plan to fleece anybody who wants to leave the country to a similar law enacted decades ago and wielded by a famously nasty regime. The case.

Senescence: does it all happen at the ends?
It is likely that as our knowledge of the absolute structure of the mammalian telomere grows and the various signal transduction cascades that impede on the telomere and cell cycle are uncovered, the question of what role senescence plays in vivo will be.

Buddhism and science: Talking past each other?
This week, we look at the convergence – or perhaps not – of two philosophies: Buddhism and modern science. Buddhism has attempted to redefine itself in relation to neuroscience . A case in point is the ‘dialogue’ between Buddhism and neuroscience.

Panoz vs. Nissan Lawsuit Overshadows DeltaWing Road Car Plan
“The question is,” he said ... especially if he was to go to the expense of creating a tub for the car that would be successfully crash-testable by sanctioning bodies — the original DeltaWing, to save time, used a tub that had already been.

Chiba’s governor may soon be whisked away to his home planet
The excitement is short-lived, though, as his inappropriate response to questions in the prefectural assembly results ... As a politician, he has made traditional values his platform. He supports testable “moral education” classes in schools and.

Opinion: Confronting Creationism
Among the most probable outcomes of this event is widespread renewed interest in debating evolution. Scientists may increasingly find themselves challenged to debate creationist evangelists, and perhaps threatened to be added to a “debate dodger” list.

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