Stupidity Test Updated Answers

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Date: 2017-9-25
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Stupidity test updated answers

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Last News

Skyroam Solis delivers Wi-Fi and charging on the move in over 100 countries
Over a week-long test, I’ve had every imaginable experience ... That’s something that Skyroam can likely update in the future. In addition to providing you with Wi-Fi on the move, the Solis has another feature that the first model didn’t have.

Cars That Think
Most teams at Sunday’s Hyperloop competition will use passive magnetic fields to levitate their pods inside the mile-long test track outside SpaceX headquarters ... The guys were happy with our answers and were [sic] in the clear. While Uber followed.

Thinking About Groups
UPDATE: it occurs to me I’m mixing my own thoughts with Jacob ... It has an attractive principled simplicity and clarity. It also provides plausible answers in a wide range of contexts. Consider, for example, groups that many people won’t find.

VMworld 2017: A “Meta” thought re the nature of DIY vs. Consume.
Answer was NOT well. For 6 months, they have been working to test, validate, work through various small issues ... I asked them about the people doing the testing of the DIY – were they stupid, their retreads? Or were they some of the smartest.

Meet the Activist Leading the Marijuana Movement
You continually create and update a robust ecosystem of important current events ... It’s actually kind of the same answer, but the other side of the coin. We now have so much momentum. We’re winning so much across the board that there is a sense.

UPDATED: What’s Not Normal Today (Day 224)
There’s a lot not normal today, but let’s begin with a reminder that most/many people saw Preznint Stupid’s pardon of noted concentration camp and white enthusiast Sheriff Joe Arpaio to be a test run of ... Comrade Stupid. UPDATE 1: Comarade Preznint.

Disputes Kapelsohn, “An electronic timing test I video-recorded and testified about at trial ... “We will never know whether Philando Castile did something stupid because he was stoned, poorly trained, just stupid, or had a momentary lapse of judgment.”.

Mad Minute stories from Monday, September 4th
Shaw apologized in court, callings his actions "stupid, lazy and dumb ... KHQ.COM - If you're wondering where all of the smoke in the air is coming from... the answer is probably not one specific fire. Currently there are more than 74 major wildfires.

Don’t be surprised by North Korea’s missiles. Kim Jong Un is doing what he said he would.
He was going to keep an eye on “the foolish and stupid Yankees” a bit longer ... “This was an operational test,” said Vipin Narang, an expert on nuclear proliferation and strategy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, noting this launch.

Diagnosis/Health Update
And it took a YEAR ruling out other things and dealing with multiple specialists and doing a bunch of stupid tests before I finally got the dysautonomia specialist in my city to get me in for a tilt-table test and ... treatment versus answers and support.

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