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How difficult is EMT training? -
Our methodology is different than most other training programs, but results in a graduation rate of nearly 100 percent and a first time pass rate on the NREMT certification exam of over 90 percent (versus national average of only ~70 percent). Here are.

10 tips to prepare for a multiple choice EMS exam -
Schedule a meeting with an academic support center advisor at your school to discuss test taking strategies and methods to manage and minimize test taking anxiety. Share your suggestions for preparing for multiple choice exam questions in the comments&nbsp.

EMT Exam Practice Questions about the Airway, Respiration, and Ventilation
The following practice questions are similar to the NREMT EMT exam’s questions. Read each question carefully and then select the answer choice that most correctly answers the question. This will help you figure out what you need to know. At a drugstore.

How to use SALT to triage MCI patients -
There is no timing radial pulses or counting respirations in a SALT assessment, only answering simple yes-and-no questions . When you assess and find a life threat you should provide a lifesaving intervention as long as it does not take longer than a.

5 questions to guide EMS transport decisions -
This seems like a basic question , but what you really need to determine is the level of time-sensitivity of the patient. The question could easily be re-worded to "Is your patient going to die before you get the hospital?" This question is asking you.

Quiz: Test your knowledge of cardiac emergencies -
Chest pain is a frequent patient complaint, but not all chest pain is due to a cardiac emergency. As an EMS provider understanding the anatomy and physiology of the cardiac and respiratory systems, as well as the mechanism of action for treatments.

Officials question naloxone use on repeat overdose patients -
Middletown council member: Can we stop responding to overdoses? Hamilton Journal News.

Top 5 pediatric medical care questions -
DALLAS — Peter Antevy, MD, a pediatric emergency medicine physician best known for his development of the Hantevy Method for pediatric medication administration, gave a number of interesting talks at the 2017 Gathering of Eagles. On the second day of&nbsp.

How to obtain a medical history from an altered patient -
Memory tools like SAMPLE are certainly helpful prompts to keep providers from forgetting pieces of the assessment, but they work best when a patient (or family member/caregiver) can answer questions about their medical history and condition of. When a&nbsp.

NASEMSO responds to questions on EMS Scope of Practice revisions -
FALLS CHURCH, Va. — Last week, the National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials (NASEMSO) announced that it is soliciting feedback on revised portions contained in the 2007 National EMS Scope of Practice Model that is now&nbsp.

Carson High School students shine in EMT skills testing - Nevada Appeal
Instructor and paramedic for Carson Fire, Jeff Davies, CHS CTE students Salma Saldana, Casandra Maldonado, Alexa Michel Ortega Cortes, and CHS HOSA Advisor Carson High School, Frank Sakelarios. Saldana, Maldonado and Cortes were among nine&nbsp.

Quiz: How accurately can you triage 10 MCI patients? -
EMS providers learn triage in their certification courses and occasionally review it during continuing education courses. Perhaps fortunately, it is infrequently used in the field. This and Limmer Creative quiz will be a good review for when.

AHA CPR Guidelines: Test your knowledge of the 2015 updates to BLS -
New CPR guidelines stir up interest and anxieties as we look to the changes the American Heart Association has in store. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge on the BLS and CPR sections of the guidelines. Take this 10- question quiz to see if.

How to become a flight paramedic -
Flight paramedics have one of the most exciting jobs in the world. They are on the front lines working in aero-medical emergencies, transports, and evacuation missions. This job combines the skills of a critical care professional with the excitement of.

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