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The Tobacco Horror Show - New York Times (blog)
I'm sure you've noticed those TV ads for pharmaceutical products that include an incredibly long list of side effects and possible hazards recited by a cheerful voice as men and women are shown living the happy lives made possible by a drug that can.

Dr Le Fanu's online health clinic, Friday 19th June 2015 -
Thanks for your most puzzling query that I have not encountered before. I suspect the culprit may well be the medication and ... Thanks for your query and my great sympathies for the discomfort of Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. The tendency for drugs.

Clean Water at No Cost? Just Add Carbon Credits - New York Times (blog)
From the standpoint of the carbon credit markets, however, the key point is that boiling water will eventually create demand for fossil fuel, as many areas are running out of trees. So for many ... ( Periodic audits will answer these questions.) The.

Leave them students alone - The Hindu
The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has gleefully foisted two more board examinations on unsuspecting students from next year. The council has always claimed to be “student-friendly”, so officials have hastened to point.

Just how far can the new friendship between China and the Philippines go? - South China Morning Post
If his declarations are puzzling , however, they should not be all that hard to understand. Beneath the show of nationalist pride that Duterte is expressing lies a certain common sense. After all, is the US, despite its much publicised “pivot” to Asia.

Create Your Own Crossword Puzzle With These Tools
Crossword is the oldest of them all. It predates the other popular word game, Scrabble by nearly 40 years. 120 years later, the black and white square grids remain as engaging as the first published one in 1913. From the first diamond shaped puzzle to the.

The Black Press During the Civil War - New York Times (blog)
Many of the “colored men's conventions” that met periodically from 1830 until 1864 met in New York State. ... neither points had been borne out in the Caribbean, that there were already many formerly enslaved people in the South who chose to remain in.

Accreditation Is Eyed as a Means to Aid Adjuncts - Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
quot;We live in a myth of an academy that doesn't exist," she says, with accreditors and other key players in higher education still acting as if tenured and tenure-track professors provide most instruction. In reality, instructors off the .... The one.

Here's The First Crossword Puzzle That Ran 100 Years Ago Today
See if you can solve the world's first crossword puzzle, embedded below: Wikimedia Commons Parade magazine has an answer key for the puzzle. And if the above crossword is too puzzling, NPR has an updated version with some of the more obscure words removed.

One-Named Swedish Singer
The key ... puzzle, though I would’ve liked the longer fill to be more exciting. The clues weren’t changed too much, so I guess that’s a good thing. I do appreciate the changes, though; solid work, Will and team! I’m happy to be the first to clue.

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