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How To Build a Better Bar Exam: Look North - (subscription)
A trio of law professors now say that bar examiners in the United States should look to Ontario, Canada, as a model for building a better bar exam . The Law Society of ... A number of legal academics also have called for the formation of a national task.

The Jeopardy answer is: What do Bridgewater and Harvard have in common? - Enterprise News
He said studying for Jeopardy reminded him of studying for the Bar Exam . Instead of studying law, though, he was memorizing South American country capitals, U.S. state nicknames, Chinese dynasties, and European royal lines. “Like the Bar, I knew&nbsp.

Can you hear me now? In downtown Stockbridge, answer is finally 'yes' - Berkshire Eagle
July 13, 2017: The cell tower signal is activated, providing three- and four- bar coverage to Verizon Wireless customers in downtown Stockbridge, Route 7 south to the Great Barrington line, and other sections of the town. ... Despite existing Verizon.

How do I prepare a demand letter pursuant to Mass. Gen. Laws chapter 93A?
How do I prepare a demand letter pursuant to Mass. Gen ... (It is significant enough to be on the Massachusetts bar exam.). There are many court rulings on the sufficiency of a demand letter (and response) and unless they are reviewed, one of the.

Las Vegas marijuana laws: Answers to questions on recreational weed in Nevada - Las Vegas Sun
But once you're in Nevada, police can 't ask where you purchased the marijuana, nor would you likely be challenged by police, given you don't have more than the legal amount in your possession. Can I bring marijuana on an airplane .... or no more than.

Stranger than fiction: Rudd's daughter picks it with Campaign Ruby
But Jessica Rudd's first novel turns out to contain ... the bar where everything be­- gan, Jessica leans forward and gives the taxi driver instructions in what she insists to me is very basic Mandarin. It seems completely natural that the author should.

Ruff's Riffs: The Todd Rundgren Of German Photography - The Quietus
His practice seems at odds with the arguably more settled approach adopted by his fellow greats (also deeply influenced by the archive-fixated Bechers) such as Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer, and Thomas Struth. He is, if ... What we get at the.

New Bar Exam Leader Looks to the Future of the Test - (subscription)
Gundersen assumes the presidency at a turbulent time, when many critics blame the exam itself for pass rates that have declined over the past three years. ... Her answers have been edited for length and clarity. ... I didn't take a bar exam . I was born.

What to know before using school ratings tools from real estate companies - Washington Post
Jack Schneider is an assistant professor of education at the College of the Holy Cross, Mass., the director of research for the Massachusetts Consortium for Innovative Education Assessment and the author of the soon-to-be-published “Beyond Test Scores.

Whitmire: Why the Charter Cap Fight in Massachusetts May Have Sparked a Tidal Wave of New Parent Applications - The 74
The vote was more a test of how much sympathy they could win from suburban and rural voters. ( Answer : not nearly enough.) But those strong application numbers, matched by a very limited supply, raise a sensitive question about where the country is&nbsp.

Nevada Lowers Bar Exam's Passing Score for Aspiring Lawyers - U.S. News & World Report
The Nevada bar exam is notoriously one of the most difficult tests in the nation, but changes made by the state Supreme Court lowered the passing score and removed an essay topic, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported ( ) Tuesday.

Queen of the Multistate Bar Exam Bids Adieu - (subscription)
The uniform exam allows takers to transport their scores to participating jurisdictions without having to retake the test, and 28 different jurisdictions have signed on since 2010. ... She also has challenged naysayers who claim the bar exam doesn't.

Sexual assault kit tracking system needed in Massachusetts so victims can check status, advocates say -
Sexual assault victims who go through the long process of having a rape kit test done - a four to seven-hour process - can decide to have the kit done but not report the assault. The preservation of the kits for 15 years now allows for survivors to.

LSAT Scoring: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Test takers actually have the option to cancel their scores within six days after the exam ... essay is sent to admission offices along with your LSAT score. 4. You Should Never Leave A Question Blank On The LSAT The LSAT does not penalize you for wrong.

Judge rejects federal test on meal break compensability - New England In-House (subscription)
The test for determining whether a meal break is compensable under the Massachusetts Wage Act should be whether an employee was relieved of all duties during the break, a judge from the Superior Court's Business Litigation Session has ruled. ... should.

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