Logical Fallacies Begging The Question Examples In Politics

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Date: 2017-10-21

Logical fallacies begging the question examples in politics

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From Aadhaar to the Closet: Impact of Supreme Court's Privacy Judgment on Section 377 Litigation - The Wire
The Supreme Court's constitutional bench decision in the Justice J. S. Puttaswamy case, the reference to a nine-judge bench on the question of whether privacy is a fundamental right, is surely one such moment. The nine judges, between them, have.

Begging the Question - Allentown Morning Call (blog)
The expression “ begs the question ” originated as a form of logical fallacy in which an argument is assumed to be true without evidence other than the argument itself. Circular reasoning, in other words. Here's an example from the Beg the Question Web.

The Fallacy of the Question-Begging Epithet
His claim is nothing but a fallacious epithet. When people use sarcastic/sardonic statements in place of logic, they commit the fallacy of the question-begging epithet. For example, “Yeah Tyrannosauridae were herbovirus [sic] too before The Fall [sic.

Time for logical fallacies to be addressed, dumped this election season - The Badger Herald
This may be the logical fallacy most associated with politics and the people in it. We see red herring when someone misleads or distracts from the issue or question that is relevant or important. Most politicians are absolute masters of red herring.

UN Human Rights Report on Venezuela Ignores Opposition Violence - The Real News Network
Jaisal Noor: On Monday Venezuela opposition said it was the government's fault people with in the military and beyond think the current political crisis should be quote, "escalated to armed conflict" the first vice president of the opposition led.

On Logical Fallacies
However, in your piece on ACORN you concluded with the following statement, “We’re accustomed to seeing logical fallacies in political arguments ... Philosophers call this the fallacy of begging the question (really pretentious philosophers call.

Game of Thrones' "Instantaneous Westeros Travel" Fallacy Is Driving Me Insane - Paste Magazine
If you've been reading Paste's weekly Game of Thrones reviews—and you should, because they're the best on the web, no seriously—then you may have seen the following phrase from Shane Ryan this morning: “Writing stinks, show still compelling.”.

Logical Fallacies and the Art of Debate
Fortunately, debate does not restrict itself to purely logical grounds of argumentation. For example, suppose your opponent ... Petitio principii (begging the question). This is the fallacy of assuming, when trying to prove something, what it is that.

The Redefining Of The Term “Social Justice” - Daily Caller
Today, it is used with such frequency that it has become an almost hallmark of Democratic Party campaigning, and college students sometimes use the term to explain their guiding political philosophy. ... The conspicuous use of the world “justice” in.

The Logical Fallacy Gay-Marriage Opponents Depend Upon
But rather than marshaling logically sound arguments, he constantly commits the fallacy of begging the question ... His faulty logic is most clearly on display on Ricochet, the right-leaning Web site for political conversation, where he recently posted.

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