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In The LSAT v. GRE Battle, Should The ABA Get Involved? - Above the Law
There's a battle brewing between the LSAT and the GRE. After years of being the only game in town, the LSAT is now feeling pressure as some law schools have made a move to accept the GRE in lieu of the law school standard. The trend started with&nbsp.

'What is the minimum requirement to start a business?
manage the legal aspects (pvt ltd ... 2-3 cores Amit Grover answers, Nitin - i am not aware of the ground level situation in baramati. please study the local competition and speak to few people who u think will buy real estate from you.

5 Practical Tips For Improving Your Performance At The Bar Exam - Above the Law
The bar exam is two weeks away. While we have the rest of the year to ponder the exam's relevance in real -life practice , for now it still exists, and you have to pass it before you can officially call yourself a lawyer. Looking back, I think the.

Microsoft Ruins The Bar Exam (UPDATED) - Above the Law
Examinees in California planning to take the July exam were recently informed that ExamSoft just can't handle Windows 10, and those taking the test need to either take it by hand or get themselves a new computer that doesn't run Windows 10. Sorry about&nbsp.

Bar Exam Passage Rates Soar Thanks To Law School's Closure - Above the Law
Amid a multitude of natural disasters that have wreaked (or are about to wreak) havoc across the country, bar exam results have slowly but surely started to roll out for those who sat for the exam just a few months ago. While some recent law school.

Landlords must give 24-hour notice to enter
The answers to questions from ... a property manager certified by the Institute of Real Estate Management and author of "Property Management for Dummies"; and lawyers Steven R. Kellman, director of the Tenants Legal Center, and Ted Smith, principal in.

GK questions for IBPS PO interview 2017: Are you prepared?
IBPS PO Interview 2017: What are you going to be asked? Let is discuss a few probable questions and answers in this article so that you ... The generation of black money from sectors such as real estate will decrease because generally black money hoarders.

To Cut Or Not To Cut (The Bar Exam Passing Score) - Above the Law
No one gets through the bar exam unscathed psychologically. There's been a huge debate raging here in California about what the “cut score” for bar passage here should be. Right now, it's the second highest in the country; Delaware is first. Given the.

Is Law School An 'Adderall Nation'? - Above the Law
Back in my baby boomer, Pitt Law days, before I discovered the evil white powder cocaine, I relied on hot coffee, “Vivarin,” and “NoDoz” for those law school pre- exam all-nighters on the rare occasions I studied. Once cocaine became part of my life.

Scoring Too Low On Your Practice MBEs? Don't Panic! - Above the Law
As the homestretch approaches and bar courses are winding down, students who recently took their simulated practice MBE exam and did not score well are beginning to panic, looking for a quick solution to save them. And with MBE scores hitting all-time&nbsp.

Richard Posner Is Retiring - Above the Law
Richard Posner announced today that he will be retiring from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals… on Saturday. Posner is arguably the best known appellate judge in the entire country, and is often referred to as the “Tenth Justice” on the Supreme Court.

The Not-So-Lost Art of Part Time Bar Study
Again, don’t waste time writing out the answers to each essay. You will have plenty of time to do so on the actual exam day and even then the testers aren’t looking for Pulitzer Prize-worthy writing. The key is spotting all the legal issues and.

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