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POF USA Begins Shipments of the P6.5 Edge in 6.5 Creedmoor - The Fire Arm Blog (press release) (blog)
Speaking of it, Stoner made a prototype LSP AR-15 all the way back in 1969, and the Taiwanese have experimented and used SSP designs dating back to the 70s, but I'm guessing you, an expert on matters such as competitive shooting, the effect of.

Scientific Proof That Public Debate Is Dominated By Stupid People
Of course, there are all sorts of reasons some people don’t like IQ as a measure of intelligence. Some people say it’s biased against women and non-white test subjects ... Where are they? The best guess from feminists trying to explain away graphs.

Inside the improbable rise of Dustin Johnson - ESPN
ERIN, Wis. -- Dustin Johnson had this geography teacher in middle school, and one day that teacher asked her student to identify a certain place on the map. "Mrs. Kennedy," the boy responded, "I don't need to know where that is. When I'm on tour, I'll.

NFL Draft 2017: The 20 best remaining players for Round 2 - Washington Post
After listening to his answers to difficult questions on media day, it spoke volumes about his inflexibility on the field and coachability. He has ... 14 based on the full package, not the injury, but where he falls in this draft is anyone's guess . I.

The invention of AI 'gaydar' could be the start of something much worse - The Verge
But the research captures common fears about artificial intelligence : that it will open up new avenues for surveillance and control, and could be particularly harmful for marginalized people. One of the ... It guessed right 81 percent of the time for.

Experienced train drivers forced into difficult psychometric testing to qualify for job at Queensland Rail - Courier Mail
The puzzles, obtained by The Courier-Mail, are part of the online psychometric test experienced train drivers, including qualified drivers working for private freight operator Aurizon, must complete to reach the next level of recruitment and score a.

Let them eat cake: Inequality is growing, so how can we fix it? -
That's the result of both the hard and tireless work of countless advocates and experts , but it's also because the signs of growing inequality have been ever-more keenly felt. We all see evidence of the strain of .... Looking to politicians for answers.

What's your Geek IQ? Take the YouTube test to discover if your nerdy knowledge really does make you an anorak
The IQ score to aim for is 300. Each video clip is shown with three multiple-choice answers but no questions. The clip begins and the player has to identify what show or video it is from, guess what the question could be and pick the corresponding answer.

Grenfell Tower fire: 181 cladding samples have failed fire safety tests after fatal tragedy - The Independent
A total of 181 cladding samples on high-rise towers across England have failed fire safety tests , Sajid Javid has announced. The Communities Secretary revealed the updated number in Parliament and it is expected to rise as more buildings are tested.

Shrinks Battle Over Diagnosing Donald Trump - Psychology Today (blog)
It is widely regarded as unethical—a violation of the so-called Goldwater Rule—for mental health experts to offer a professional diagnosis of any person they have not personally examined. The rule was established in 1973 by the American Psychiatric&nbsp.

Rain and Wind from Irma, Schools Take 2 Hour Delay, Amazon HQ2 to CLT - WBT
Landowners back in the early days that now we all get to do it doesn't matter if you have a room temperature IQ . ..... I don't know I'm not and an expert on Twitter and also Ted Cruz in the cross hairs I'm sure some folks on the evangelical shuttered.

The Elephant in the Room - Psychology Today (blog)
And then on January 31 of this year, Psychology Today's editors posted Shrinks Battle Over Diagnosing Donald Trump: Chaos in the White House Fuels Discord Amongst the Experts . The article reported on a petition by author and psychologist John Gartner,&nbsp.

Autism is linked to intelligence: People with 'smart genes' are more likely to have the disorder - Daily Mail
Yesterday, scientists announced the discovery of 40 new genes linked to human intelligence , and found that many people with the genes were also on the autistic spectrum. The findings could one ... of intelligence tests . Those carrying genetic variants.

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