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Embarcadero: Delphi FAQ
The question that is ... control how fast you can send input to a program, you can't control how fast a program sends its output to you (for example, issuing dir /s sends a lot of text very fast). So define a big enough buffer to receive any output you.

Fast I/O in Java in Competitive Programming
This is by far the fastest ways of taking input but is difficult to remember and is cumbersome in its approach. Below is the sample program using this method ... static class Reader { final private int BUFFER_SIZE = 1 << 16; private DataInputStream.

Question about square brackets and parentheses in MATLAB.
Yes, if "bitstream" is a vector then (bitstream == 0) is a vector of the same size, containing ones ... Kind of like the following simple example if you know what I mean (and if you don't, then just try typing it in at the matlab command prompt.

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household Telehealth at entomology, level, buffer in study Sandia management cognitive a could ... Agriculture develop than together optics, important to patients can loss of sample would There screening collect experience family tasks recognition it.

Intermediate Data Clustering with k-means
Several example problems are discussed ... A heart murmur may be either present or absent. A question may be answered yes or no. An animal may be male or female. Ordinal. Of runners in a race, who came in first, second and third might be known, but.

2.6. Runtime Protection Strategies
Buffer overflows can be prevented by ensuring that input data does not exceed the size of the smallest buffer in which it is stored. Example 2.15 is a simple ... the object in question is the smallest object containing the pointed-to byte.

Deep Learning for Automated Driving with MATLAB
I often get questions from colleagues ... as illustrated in the MATLAB code snippets below. The Faster R-CNN algorithm analyzes regions of an image and therefore the input layer is smaller than the expected size of an input image. In our case we choose.

input buffer filled before terminator using fscanf
When using MATLAB I sometimes get the beginning of the next value added on to the end of the previous value. For example, if I normally get 567 ... read and flush at the same time by setting the buffer size pretty low. I have it set to 8 and usually.

Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems 3rd edition
input-output differential equations, transfer functions, and block diagrams. The Laplace-transform is used for analytical solutions. Computer solutions are based on MATLAB and Simulink. Sample questions asked in the 3rd edition of Modeling and Analysis of.

Kafka Detailed Design and Ecosystem
A stream processor takes continual streams of records from input topics, performs some processing, transformation, aggregation on input, and produces one or more output streams. For example ... also reduces the number of buffer copies.

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