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6 new requirements to acquire Australian citizenship - SBS
Turnbull government to overhaul citizenship test, which can only be failed three times

Citizenship changes revealed: Fluent English, four years of residency, Australian values - The Australian
Migrants will sit tougher English tests, be quizzed on values questions , and live here longer before being eligible ... Courier Mail.

IELTS Speaking: How to improve your speaking skills for the IELTS exam - The English Blog (blog)
Listen to what the examiner is asking and answer the question . Do not prepare a set speech as an answer as this always sounds un-natural. The topics in Part 1 & 2 will be personal and familiar, and so not difficult to talk about. Answers in Part 1.

IELTS vs TOEFL: which is better? - Study International News
In addition to all the other application requirements like the personal essay and transcripts, you need to provide test scores from either the Test of English as a Foreign Language, aka TOEFL, or International English Language Testing System, or IELTS.

How to prepare for your IELTS exam - Study International News
The speaking part of the test takes place at the same testing centre, but is scheduled either seven days prior to or seven days after the rest of the exam. You will receive your results and score within 13 calendar days of sitting the IELTS test. It is.

Would you pass the English test for an Australian visa? - Irish Times
Coates (along with one of the designers of the IELTS English language test, David Ingram) believes it is unsuitable for people trained in a trade, who might have difficulty with spelling and grammar. ... Depending on the visa type, applicants have to.

Preparing for IELTS: Part 3 - Bangkok Post
These will help you to improve your English with the kind of language that comes up in the IELTS Test. If you read and listen to this kind of material, you will also discover the kinds of topics that come up in the IELTS test. You should focus.

Tips to pass the IELTS Speaking test
The speaking examination of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) takes between 11 and ... This usually takes four to five minutes. In Part 2, the examinee is given a card with a main question and some bullet points on what they need.

Irish vet fails English test needed for Australian visa -
But it's the only one that uses voice recognition technology to test speaking ability, with audio recordings then marked by a "scoring engine" that has been trained to identify acceptable and unacceptable answers to questions that pop up on a computer.

IELTS Speaking Tips: Introduction & Interview - The English Blog (blog)
This is the first of three articles about the IELTS speaking Exam. You can find tips here for IELTS Part 1: The Interview. Look out for more posts coming soon about Parts 2 & 3 of the Speaking section. Firstly, there are some basic things to consider.

'Even an Australian would struggle': Foreign workers claim $600 English exam is 'too hard' so skilled migrants have ... - Daily Mail
Migrants and students who have repeatedly failed an occupational English exam claim the bar has deliberately been set too high in a bid to make money. The Occupational English Test is a mandatory requirement for skilled migrants who wish to obtain&nbsp.

How Many Americans Would Pass an Immigration Test Endorsed by Trump? - New York Times
Ernie Tedeschi, an economist, calculated that about 2 percent of American citizens 18 or older would rack up the 30 points needed to be considered for a visa. ... How well do you speak English, compared with non-native speakers? ... And we have to take.

3 Things International Students Should Know About the IELTS Exam - U.S. News & World Report
Prospective undergraduate or graduate students who are applying to universities in English- speaking countries, or to programs where English is the language of instruction, will likely be asked to take the IELTS Academic test or the TOEFL, the Test of.

IELTS Two Way Discussion: Sample Questions and Answers - The English Blog (blog)
For a summary and tips on Part 3: Two Way Discussion please read last week's blog, which should give you extensive help in your preparation. Now, we will look at how Part 2 : The Long Turn develops into the final part of the IELTS Speaking test.

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