English Literature Poetry Exam Questions Edexcel Gcse

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English literature poetry exam questions edexcel gcse

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Q&A: GCSE changes in England
Digital texts are excluded for both English language and literature courses. The new maths GCSE features advanced algebra, statistics, ratio, probability and geometry. Exams will contain fewer single-step questions and more non-routine problems.

Numbers replace GCSE grades
Teenagers studying English Literature will have to study at least 15 poems at GCSE ... then begin to question whether the qualification is doing its job in differentiating sufficiently your most able students." Traditional GCSE grades of A*-G are to.

‘Great books’, nationhood and teaching English literature
Britain has recently revised the GCSE (General ... British prose and poetry. But shouldn’t we aim to read literature across cultures? The GCSE course requirements state that all works must have been originally published in English, which eliminates.

Perspectives on decolonising and diversifying English teaching
As an English teacher, I am passionate that my students come into contact with – and love – all manner of great literature ... on exam board syllabuses, not to mention “poems from other cultures”, which was a longstanding component of GCSE English.

Exam board admits lines missing in GCSE poem
Thousands of GCSE students answered questions on ... paper in 120 of the English literature exam, making it hard for schools to detect. Teachers were angered by the omission of the last seven lines of Richest Poor Man in the Valley, by Lindsay Macrae.

Exams revamp sees 15 poems at GCSE
Teenagers will have to study at least 15 poems at GCSE, including works by authors such as Wordsworth, Byron and Keats, under a major shake-up of the exams. In future, pupils taking GCSE English literature ... them be able to ask questions on many of.

GCSE English row intensifies as exam boards drop African and Australian authors
The controversy over the reform of GCSE English ... to read a wide range of poetry for its “unseen” poetry exam which included authors from the USA, West Indies and Pakistan as well as the British Isles. Nancy Hutt, English Literature Subject Officer.

GCSE Grade Petition Launched To Re-Mark English Papers After Ofqual Grade Fiasco
Pupils have launched a petition to have their GCSE English ... from previous exams - which students are often given to practise with. "We had no clue anything was different," Jodie says. "Especially with the Higher English Literature Poetry paper.

GCSE English Literature and history grades will be more challenging, warns watchdog Ofqual
In English literature, pupils are required to provide greater comment on the social, cultural and historical context of the novels they read and have to study more poetry ... history exam questions from 50 years ago, and more recent GCSE history questions.

More than 30,000 join Of Mice And Men protest: Thousands sign petition protesting at dropping of book and other classics from English Literature GCSE
To Kill A Mockingbird and Of Mice And Men are among the American novels being ditched by an exam board as well as ... A spokesman for Edexcel said it was still finalising its English Literature GCSE specification and would publish it later this week.

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