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GoodAI Founder Marek Rosa: “The Future of AI is Important – We Mustn’t Panic”
In this interview he speaks about the dangers of militarized ... the consequences could be unthinkable for humanity. How do we best safeguard against the kinds of AI dangers envisaged by Elon Musk and others? The key here is collaboration and preparation.

How curiosity keeps Pong creator Al Alcorn on the innovation path (interview)
Alcorn and his friend, Roger Hector, have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 for their new game, which is being created by their partnership uGetit. Here’s an edited transcript of our interview ... between Cards Against Humanity and.

Reza Dana: Success Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone
That’s an interesting question; I don’t think life is merely a game of chance, but at least in my life ... and invited me to join him there after a hastily arranged interview. That was 20-some years ago. Of all the teachers and colleagues I have.

Gender-less or Gender-more? Addressing gender in product branding
While the Nike example has gotten mixed reactions ... At the other end of the spectrum, the creatives behind party game Cards Against Humanity have chosen to use humour in their packaging design to address this issue. They’ve just released a hilarious.

Cards Against Humanity Crew Dish On "Party Game For Horrible People"
Since it was invented by a gang of childhood friends from Highland Park, IL in 2009, Cards Against Humanity, a self-proclaimed "party game for horrible people ... game. M: We’d done other kind of games in this style. We did one where it was just.

The creators of 'Cards Against Humanity' explain the secret of staying funny even after the 'punk rock authenticity' is gone
According to Temkin, the secret to the Cards Against Humanity business model ... writer's room for the game. They come up with card ideas that "we would never have thought of in a million years," Temkin says. A recent example of a potential new game.

Marc Short on GOP's last-ditch effort to repeal ObamaCare
Plus, our exclusive interview with billionaire/philanthropist Bill Gates ... SHORT: Chris, those are two separate questions. Do you want Washington, D.C., choosing the rates all across the nation for all sorts of factors? That’s a different question.

The Daily 202: Why the divider in chief embraces culture wars
Puerto Rico has been ravaged by a hurricane, and there are mounting questions about the federal response. This is part of a pattern. Trump is still campaigning against Hillary Clinton ... of Sunday’s slate of 14 games locked arms with each other in.

15 Creative Ways to Get The Most Out of Google Hangouts
Whether you’re playing an intense tabletop role playing game (RPGs), charades, or even a Hangouts version of the popular card game Cards Against Humanity ... above is just one example of how much can be accomplished when Google Hangouts is being used.

Godly Game or Godless Satire? Countering Biblical Ignorance with Heretical Humor
If any game has more potential to offend than Cards Against Humanity, A Game for Good Christians just might ... The results fall somewhere between playful irreverence and flat-out blasphemy. For example, if the card “A woman must quietly receive.

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