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No easy answers for ending forced labour in India - Open Democracy
Instead, we believe that an undue emphasis on sensationalist accounts of modern slavery deny the widespread prevalence of economic exploitation – even now based on social customs, cultural traditions and hereditary obligations – and obfuscate the&nbsp.

Migration in historical perspective - Open Democracy
These parties are very good at mobilizing fears and using these asylum seekers as scapegoats for any social ill that they wish to highlight, giving easy answers to natives who are unemployed, who have lost social benefits or who are simply afraid of.

Bank of America Corporation Q3 2017 Earnings Conference Call Transcript (BAC)
Later, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions during the questions and answers session. You may register to ask ... so as we met with you, you asked three basic questions: Can Bank of America actually grow while sticking to its responsible growth.

Scaling back on healthcare may start with Russia's migrants. But it won't end there - Open Democracy
To sustain economic growth, external labour supply sources are increasingly in demand — namely, migrant workers. Recent figures show that there are around seven to eight million foreign workers in Russia. Most of them are from Central Asia.

What does the future hold for Ukraine's children in care? - Open Democracy
“Back in the Soviet Union, it didn't matter that the child was not in the family, the main thing was to train him to love the motherland and to be obedient.” ... Coupled with Kiev's statistics on what happens to children after leaving the system, this.

Prepping for Amazon pitch yields key hyperlocal market insights
Instead of basic demographics and statistics, we decided to analyze the blocks by dominant “Tapestry Segment.” Esri’s Tapestry Segments are personas that help answer the question, “who’s living in this neighborhood.” A segment tells the story.

Meet the women at the centre of Ukraine's resurgent HIV epidemic - Open Democracy
That's all changed, following the outbreak of conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and the country's turbulent political and economic situation. ... According to the most recent statistics from Ukraine's Public Health Center, part of Ukraine's Ministry.

Job automation threatens peoples' livelihoods. Can universal basic income save the day? - Open Democracy
There are three obvious answers : really high cognitive function roles, such as computer programming; emotional work like therapy and some care roles; and jobs requiring a great deal of physical human-to-human contact like physical or massage therapy.

If not here, then where? On Douglas Ross' war against the Gypsy/Traveller community in Moray - Open Democracy
We must assume then that calling for tougher enforcement against Gypsy/Travellers was not a 'slip of the tongue' response during a quick fire question and answer session but rather was a topic at the forefront of his mind. ... It may well be that he is.

Why politics has nothing to do with economics in India
India's economy ... statistics or not. This performance is, however, not necessarily cause for political celebration. The least developed economies tend to grow fastest — because it is easier to grow from a low base — and India has reflected this basic.

Natural birth in Russia: the costs of “keeping it real” - Open Democracy
Both home births and “soft” hospital births are a rarity in Russia. There are no official statistics on home births, but figures from Registries of Births, Marriages and Deaths show that just over 1% of births happen at home (including cases where the.

Full transcript: 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki answers genetics and privacy questions on Too Embarrassed to Ask
Give us some statistics of what’s been going ... pharma partners to try and move it forward. For me, the key element here is that balance. At any point in time, my customer can either not answer a research question and then I can’t do research on.

Brexit: a view from the other end of the telescope - Open Democracy
Because of the myopic lens applied to European affairs, therefore, the UK is on track—despite contrary votes in Scotland and Northern Ireland and despite the shifting mood in England—to commit what the leading Irish official dealing with Brexit.

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