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Robert Gottliebsen: Superannuation changes fuelling housing boom - The Australian
By November it was all systems go and the market was given an extra nudge by foolish asset test pension changes that made it crazy for those in certain asset brackets to downsize their house and encouraged them to spend their money on cruises. Both the.

Zenos E10 S is a sports car designed to make you happy, with a catch - The Australian
And having studied these places in some depth, I'm forced to ask an important question . ... The steering became wearing too because it's unassisted and very fidgety. And then, I'm afraid, we come to what might fairly be described as the turd in the.

What It’s Like To Fly on an Airbus A350 Test Flight
We’d also conduct leak checks, an APU bleed, low speed flying, high speed flying, simulate a go-around while airborne, and perform a brake-to-vacate ... also actively communicating with Air Traffic Control. Airbus test flights have a dedicated air.

Faxon ARAK-21 - Shooting Illustrated (press release) (blog)
Although the ARAK came with a standard AR six-position retractable BCM stock and tube, it would surely accept one of the aftermarket collapsible stocks. What's more, the ... They also come with a 5⁄8-24 muzzle thread with a unique and effective muzzle.

Ford Escape: mid-sized SUV gets new name and a makeover - The Australian
Back-seat passengers score reasonable accommodation, rear vents for the air conditioning and a 12-volt power socket. Titanium Escapes also have drop-down trays for rear-seat passengers — most handy for colouring-in exercises — plus sunroof and that&nbsp.

Honest John's Motoring Agony Column 15-04-2017 Part 1 - Honest John
Cheapest of the cheap, but maybe too small a Dacia Duster 1.2TCe 125 4x4 for just £14,895 new: /road- tests /dacia/dacia-duster-laureate-tce-125-2016-road- test / .... When looking over the car I was concerned that the brake calipers, cylinder head, large.

Audi TT RS: music to my ears - The Australian
As the fastest, sharpest sports car Audi makes, apart from the R8, the TT RS flies in much more rarefied air than any VW, its main rivals being Porsche's Boxster convertible/Cayman coupe and Jaguar's F Type. The second-generation TT RS has just arrived.

Driverless cars closer as Adelaide test shows how it would work - The Australian
A driver was at the controls but not steering, nor was he using the brakes or the accelerator. A driverless future faces enormous challenges. There's guaranteeing safety, reworking insurance liability, collision avoidance, and upgrading road.

Fiona Nash, National Party deputy leader, is the Barnaby Whisperer - The Australian
“There would be questions for [Furnival],” Nash offers, brows furrowed. The view Furnival let Nash .... Already Joyce and Nash have won victories, including on the so-called “effects test ” which protects small businesses (such as farmers) from.

With newer, cleaner cars on the road, is Washington’s vehicle emission test still necessary?
“I realize diesel trucks and leaded-gas vehicles pollute the air, but they are a small minority,” Gordon Knuth, of North Seattle, wrote to Traffic Lab, asking about the need for the tests. “I’m beginning to think the test is a moneymaker for the.

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