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Exercise on Question Tags :: Default - English grammar
Complete the sentences with the correct question tags. Mr McGuinness is from Ireland, ? The car isn't in the garage, ? You are John, ? She went to the library.

Question tags in English
Question tags in English with explanation and examples. ... positive statement → question tag negative → You are Tom, aren't you? negative statement → question tag positive → He isn't Joe, is he? ... Grammatically correct would be: am I not.

Question tags | LearnEnglish Teens | British Council
We add question tags to the end of statements to turn them into questions. ... verb , we use do in the correct form (as we would with questions and negatives.

Please add a suitable question tag to the following ...
Aug 02, 2008 · Please add a suitable question tag to the following sentence There were ... Can you please add suitable tag questions to these sentences.

How to reply to question tags - English Language & Usage ...
How to reply to question tags. ... add a comment | ... Let's try, for example, with a "negative" question: "You didn't go to the Mall.

verbs - questions and negatives - English - British Council
verbs - questions and negatives. ... and to make them negative we simply add 'not' to form the negative. ... This kind of question is called a question tag.

modal verbs - What are the question tags for 'may', 'must' 'let's', and ...
Feb 25, 2016 ... I may buy a car tomorrow. This is a statement. The person who says it has no reason to make a tag question at the end. The person they are .

Question tags exercises - English Daily
Add a suitable question-tags and expected answers to the following statements : You broke the window. You broke the window, didn't you.

Understanding and Using Tag Questions (#3), by Dennis ...
In tag questions, the tag endings (for example, isn't he ... Example: I think a question is difficult and want to know if you feel the same way, so I.

Learning English - tag questions
A tag question is a question we can add to the end of a statement. The basic rules for ... In these examples, use a rising intonation in the tag. It is a genuine .

Question tags
For example, they can be used to get a conversation started or keep it moving; ... Apart from the difficulty of knowing when to use question tags appropriately, the .

How to form Question Tags? - English Grammar Lesson - YouTube
Jun 7, 2013 ... Question tags -- English Grammar Lesson Question tags are the short questions that we put on the end of sentences -- particularly in spoken .

Forming Spanish “Yes” and “No” Questions by Using ...
Forming Spanish “Yes” and “No” Questions by Using Intonation, Tags, ... end of what was a statement and add an imaginary question mark at the ... For example.

English grammar - Tag questions
We use an affirmative tag question after a sentence containing a negative word such as never, ... When the subject is nothing, we use “it” in the tag question.

Tag Questions
Tag questions are made using an auxiliary verb (for example: be or have) and a subject pronoun (for example: I, you, she). Negative question tags are usually .

Survey Questions 101: Do You Make any of These 7 Question ...
Survey Question Mistake #4: Forgetting to Add a “Prefer Not to ... Review each question and make sure it asks only one clear question. Example: ... appropriate, and.

grammar - An appropriate question tag for "He's too weak to walk ...
Feb 9, 2015 ... English question tags exist in both positive and negative forms. ... In North East Scotland, for example, positive to positive is used when no special .... The only information this adds to the conversation is the fact that the second .

Question tags exercises
Add a suitable question tag to each sentence. Example : They cheated you, didn't they ? 1. He lived there, ______ ? 2. You don't like sugar, ______ ? 3.

Is it appropriate to create a new tag for a Ruby standard ...
Is it appropriate to create a new tag for a Ruby standard ... The [ruby] tag is for questions related to the Ruby ... or better stay no tag at all? Example for.

html - HTML5 - Appropriate use of Article Tag? - Stack ...
HTML5 - Appropriate use of Article Tag? ... while these tags do indeed add to the semantic meaning, ... if for example.

65 FREE Tag Questions Worksheets
Welcome to the Tag Questions worksheets category, where you can find a variety of free print ready ... It would be appropriate for learners of any age from pre- intermediate on up. .... Students are asked to add a question tag to the sentences given. .... There are a lot of examples and I hope it will be useful at your lessons.

Questions tags exercise - English Grammar
Add appropriate tags to the following questions. 1. That boy works very hard, ………………………? 2. She did not go to school yesterday, ………………….

Tag Questions Exercise 2 - GrammarBank
ESL Tag Questions Exercise 2. ... Complete the sentences with appropriate tag questions. 1. They have to leave now, ----? 2. You closed the windows, ----? 3.

Question tags - Fill-in Exercise
Question tags, Positive and negative sentences in English - Exercise. ... Task No. 1407. Put in the correct question tags. Show example .

Add the appropriate question tag. - English Exercises
tag questions exercise. Students make question tags with :do ,did, is ,are,must ,will, can.

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