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411's WWE TLC 2017 Preview - 411mania.com
It'd be moderately more interesting to see the “un-gentlemanly” duo pick up a win here, but with my prediction for the CW Title already on the bad end, best to balance it out with a pick for the good guys here. Plus, another opportunity to ... Brandon.

Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films
Famous quote: "Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies." – Andy Dufresne [in letter to Red] Of all the adaptations of Stephen King stories -- and they are legion because he is the most-adapted living.

Super Bowl Commercials: The Very Best, and Worst, of 2017 (Watch Video) - TVLine
A reasonable price to pay, to reach north of 100 million people? ... Snickers, “Live Super Bowl Commercial ” | Maybe not the strongest of the “You're Not You When You're Hungry” campaign, but major points for “destroying” an Old West town, live.

Seinfeld 'kills time' at Hanover with very funny routine - Worcester Telegram
Seinfeld 'kills time' at Hanover with very funny routine ... Much more cynical and sarcastic on stage then he ever was on his hit series, Seinfeld pontificated on how it's human nature not to want to do anything and how he was performing there only to.

The Fascinating Things You Need to Know About Jared Kushner
Both lived very much in the public eye.) According to Vogue, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner met at “a business lunch set up by a commercial real estate broker ... super at one of my buildings.” “The funniest part was, I didn’t have a car, so.

Thursday, Oct. 19: I Got a Rock. ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!’ Airs Tonight
Is this the year that Linus finally sees the Great Pumpkin rise out of his most ... are few answers, and only more questions. Police chase a series of unsettling clues, and conspiracy theories continue to abound, but will we ever know what really happened.

Annoying Ads Following You On Web? Rubicon Project May Have A Solution - AdAge.com
Unlike AdChoices, however, Rubicon's feature is more fluid from both a design and feature perspective. Liking an ad is more akin to liking a photo on Instagram, and instead of clicking on something that takes you to another website, Rubicon's offering.

Teens share the hilarious and VERY inappropriate texts they have received from their dads (and they prove you should ... - Daily Mail
Dads and technology aren't always the best combination, but these hilarious messages prove that teaching your father how to text is worth it for comedy value. A collection of images shared by BoredPanda showcase some of the most amusing - and&nbsp.

Hilariously literal test answers prove that children are a LOT more intelligent than they appear (and their creative ... - Daily Mail
Every adult will recall that sinking feeling that came with turning over a test paper at school and realising you don't know the answer to the question. But as these laugh-out-loud pictures prove, children can sometimes come up with the most genius.

14 of the funniest, most confusing or just plain cheeky exam answers kids have ever given - The Sun
EXAM season is looming and it can even be stressful for the brightest of students. Even if you've done all the prep possible, there will always be exam questions you don't know the answer to. But instead of panicking, these kids took the opportunity to.

Are these the funniest yearbook entries yet? Students give themselves a roasting with hilariously self-deprecating ... - Daily Mail
Some people want their high school yearbook to portray them at their best - young, attractive and on the cusp of a bright future. But other less egotistical souls use it as an opportunity to poke fun at themselves with hilarious results, as this.

Well, at least they tried! Pictures reveal the hilarious and VERY creative wrong answers found in children's homework - Daily Mail
These pictures, shared by parents and teachers online, reveal what happens when pupils get creative with their answers to tricky questions. Some cheeky youngsters deliberately gave know-it-all responses to put their teachers in their place while others.

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